Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Tax filing for truck drivers: Your online guide

Well, though it is pretty important for almost any business to ensure that all of the business taxes are filed properly , in the trucking business it is of paramount importance that the business owners work with the expert Tax filing for truck drivers.

Honestly, being the owner operator certainly poseses endless challanges to the owner. As a matter of fact- there are practically lot to do and a minimal amount of time to do it. With this responsibility comes with the maintenance, contracts, driving, bookkeeping, licensing and the list simply goes on. Well, the Tax services for truck drivers have enough to worry about and there is practically no additional room for an error on the taxes resulting in an unfavorable audit or leading to the unpaid tax burden. The point is somewhat written on the wall – Trucking and taxes go hand on hand and it is of utmost importance to have thorough knowledge on services such as ax filing for truck drivers. As a matter of fact - trucking companies and owner operators in trucking who typically has an ICC number or who are leased to a carrier that has an ICC number can save on sales tax in some states.

As per the expert Tax preparation for truck drivers there are some states, like Oregon, Montana and New Hampshire, have no sales tax at all for any retail purchases. On the other hand , states such as Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Pennsylvania, however provides a form to fill out and sign. If a trucking owner operator or the trucking company he is leased to have an ICC number, the owner operator (or trucking company) does not have to pay sales tax in those states for the items bought for their trucks. Are you the owner operator and interesdted to save on sales tax? Well, it is typically wise to buy your supplies in one of these states. Whatever state you are in, ask the expert Tax preparation for truck drivers to get the details about the points such as getting repairs, maintenance or supplies. Also, ask if they have a tax exempt form you can fill out.

Aside from working with a well experienced expert for tax filing for truck drivers, it is important for drivers to inquire about potential deductions and proper record keeping.

This content has been taken from: http://www.zimbio.com/Tax/articles/STRmb9_VzOe/Tax+filing+truck+drivers+Know+know?add=True


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